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Stop using S.Africa as a human laboratory

Merck, the international pharmaceutical company, suddenly stopped its widely-hailed drug-trials for a "HIV-vaccine" in September 2007 in South Africa and elsewhere when participants became infected with the human-immune-deficiency virus (picture) which eventually kills people of infectious diseases due to acquired-immune-deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Participants had been assured - by jubilant advance publicity -- that they would be immune from the deadly infection while being injected with these drugs. Five clinics in South Africa participated in the trials.

These failed Merck HIV-vaccine trials were announced amidst a blaze of jubilant pre-publicity about this 'promising HIV-vaccine which holds out hope for millions."

Poor black participants in South Africa also were lured by the relatively large sums of cash handed out during such human drug trials. A couple of thousand dollars isn't all that much money in Western countries - but in South Africa, it's a small fortune to unemployed shack-dwellers who can't even afford the bus-fare to the local hospitals.

Now, just one month after the Merck HIV-vaccine fiasco, yet another two antibiotics, both 'promising TB-treatment candidates' are being market-tested in Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.tballiance.org/newscenter/view-innews.php?id=741

This time the companies testing the two new drugs are Chiron in California and the New-Jersey-based Bayer Pharmaceuticals, working with a non-profit organisation called "The TB-Alliance".

Being tested are a drug designated only as PA824, developed by Chiron, and the antibiotic doxifloxacin, being hailed by Bayer as 'one of the most advanced potential new TB drugs in development."

It has just launched the so-called RemoxTB trials with some '2000 volunteers' in Kenya, SA, Tanzania and Zambia."

In the Moxifloxacin trials, these 2000 TB-patients will be subjected to replace their current standard four-drug cocktail's ethambutol or isoniazid with this antibiotic moxifloxacin for a period of 4 months.

Then they will assess whether this approach gives better results in their African guinea-pigs i.e. whether they would become more willing to continue taking this horrendous cocktail of drugs.
This trial is being backed up by University College London and the British Medical Research Council.

The PA824 trial is much smaller: it involves 60 NEWLY-DIAGNOSED TB-AIDS patients. Thirty patients will be given PA-824 for 14 days before starting standard treatment. The rest will get the standard treatment straight away. There will not be a healthy control group to test whether the drug has any side-effects in healthy people.
  • This trial is even more tricky: in South Africa it is often found that TB+AIDS co-infected patients die within 20 to 30 days of diagnoses if they fail to respond to any of the drug-cocktails.

Scientists want to compare how well PA-824 fought the TB bacteria infection in the first fourteen days of treatment.

  • They don't do this to try and cure the patient of TB: they just want to see whether the patient would 'tolerate" PA-824 better than current medications when co-infected with TB+HIV and while taking antiretroviral medicines at the same time.

Neither of these two so-called TB-vaccines were designed to cure anything -- they only hope to shorten the treatment period for drug-resistant Tuberculosis by two months with these experimental drugs.

Yet once again the press releases are jubilant and the SA news media remains totally uncritical -- blithely publishing these claims by the TB Alliance. Dr Maria C Freire, the CEO of the TB Alliance, is widely quoted as saying that 'there are now two promising new TB drugs in our portfolio moving forward in clinic trials; and that it's 'a historic milestone in our accelerated drive to develop new TB drugs that fight the disease in different, faster and better ways to help save millions of lives...'

What she doesn't say -- although she should -- is that in South Africa, her 'groundbreaking' new TB-drugs are going to be tested on yet another batch of empoverished, often poorly-educated human beings who will get large bonuses.

Only one of these two new TB drugs, PA-824, tries to address the co-epidemics of drug-resistant TB + AIDS. The much larger trial with Moxifloxacin ignores the AIDS-factor altogether.

  • In South Africa more than 350,000 people have died of the combined drug-resistant TB+AIDS co-infection last year and more than 6-m people are estimated to be infected with AIDS, of whom 60% are also co-infected with TB.

These two experimental drugs are only hoped to shorten the time of treatment for the TB patients so that the patients will "comply" better.

  • What does that mean, 'comply'? These scientists refer to those dreadfully-ill patients who can't bear the harrowing side-effects of these huge drugs-cocktails any longer, and walk away from treatment in isolation-wards to die at home, where they then infect others.

The problem here does not lie with the drugs and 'non-compliance' -- but with the SA government's policy which states that they do not want such infectious XDR-TB patients to be placed in enforced isolation, claiming that their individual human rights are being violated while totally ignoring the rights of the entire community to be protected from infection. This is a political issue which cannot be cured with a magic pill.

Said Freire: "A shorter TB regimen, which COULD be possible with new drugs such as moxifloxacin and PA-824, SHOULD lead to improved patient compliance...'

I urge the TB-alliance to by all means, go and test these drugs on human beings in other parts of the world and make certain that these people are much better-informed, more literate, far less poor and far less desperate than those South African patients.

The incredible suffering of these TB+AIDS infected S.Africans does not need to be increased by holding out false hope in drugs-trials which aren't even designed to try and begin to cure their conditions.

I urge drug companies and the TB Alliance to stop lying to these people and to above all, stop using the African continent as one gigantic human laboratory. Africa isn't Auschwitz.


TB alliance's "Compassionate/Emergency Use of Experimental TB Alliance Drugs outside the scope of clinical trials"


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Tulsequa zei

How is it that the WHO and others keep repeating (Michael Spector, The New Yorker, March 12, 2007) that 1,000 South Africans are dying of AIDS every day whic if true would total 365,000 deaths a year and in leap year 366,000?

For anyone who cares to check - South Africa's vital statistics for the latest year reported show that the annual death rate from all causes was under 500,000. That leaves some 135,000 deaths that would have to be attributed to heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis, malaria, parasitic infections, infant mortality, industrial accidents, and road kill.

In fact, the annual death rate in South Africa from HIV/AIDS and related infections was thirteenth on the list at under 14,000. The proliferation of neoplasms and tautology by self serving fear mongering HIV=AIDS dogmatists, health bureaucrats and the media is truly mind boggling.

So where does this claim of 850,000 + deaths from HIV/AIDS and drug treatments come from. The country South Africa? Or the countries in the South African continent?

The inference that black people are some how more sex crazed than the whites is a racist canard that evolved out of slavery times in America and still persists to this day in many many parts of the United States and Canada.

HIV, if it exists, is certainly clever in that it can single out North American and African Blacks, male gays, I.V. drug users for infection but ignore the white population. HIV is such a jet setter it is now infecting third world countries that are over populated and rich in resources that, coincidentally, the industrialized world happens to need.

The problem is that virologists who subscribe to the HIV=AIDS= DEATH paradigm have forgotten what they were taught, if anything, about viruses.

Viruses are not living organisms. They do not breathe, eat, excrete, and have a metabolism like all other living organisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites and advanced organisms like mammals, birds, reptiles and other living species.

Why would anyone recommend a metabolic poison to treat any viral infection?

All living organisms so treated will eventually succumb to a metabolic poison such as AZT, its copy cat analogues and specific enzyme poisons such as the protease inhibitors (READ THE DRUG LABELS' LIST OF SIDE EFFECTS - THEY DESCRIBE TEH SYMPTOMS OF AIDS).

The one and only reason such HIV therapy appears to work - for a while - is because any HIV/AIDS patient with symptoms related to bacterial, fungal, yeast, STD's and other parasitic infections such as malaria and tuberculosis which are endemic in much of the third world will respond positively to metabolic poisons as these organisms die off. Once that happens but the therapist insists the treatment continues the patient will ultimately succumb to these poisons and die. HIV positive? You will get AIDS and you will ultimately die. Thus HIV dogma becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

An HIV + test is an automatic death sentence for anyone who allows them self to be fooled, intimidated, or coerced into accepting the HIV=AIDS treatment protocol. The caveat that comes with the test kits - if any one acres to ask or be allowed to access it - reads "this is not to be used to diagnose or treat HIV/AIDS! Can it not be any more plain than that?

No one in support of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis has ever answered the following question:

"If an HIV vaccine is ever developed that does not injure or kill, how will anyone know that it works? By testing HIV–positive?"

However, Merck answered those questions this September with the announcement that their HIV vaccine not only failed but the subjects tested HIV positive - which according to HIV=AIDS dogma - those so infected will die.

If and when rational thinkers who question the HIV=AIDS= DEATH paradigm are finally allowed to be heard without having to run the gauntlet of personal attack and character assassination from misguided activists, health professionals and medical bureaucrats saddled with vested interests in Big Pharma, political opportunists, MD's & PhD's with a Hitler mentality who - without any challenge - demand the internment of any who dare question the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, and a research challenged media - then the public will realize that the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is nothing but scientific fraud used for rampant profiteering and a subtle but convenient form of genocide in the guise of saving humanity.

Croft Woodruff
Burnaby BC V3N3Y6

AdrianaStuijt zei

Please note that the statistics used on the death rates and - causes were those recorded by forensic experts at several independent research institutes inside SA, which continue to dispute the much lower SA government death statistics as grossly understated and basically flawed due to their poor record-keeping methods.