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Guntoting SA pupil invades Pretoria school - no-one hurt

PRETORIA, South Africa. Nov 9 2007 - A 13-year-old male pupil , showed up at an Afrikaans-language school with his dad's loaded handgun and threatened to shoot pupils who had been bullying a friend. He also tried robbing pupils of their cellphones. However no shots were fired -- he ran away when pupils raised the alarm. The armed 13-year-old was arrested by a senior police officer who just happened to be there to pick up his kid.

Pretoria police captain Dumisani Ndlazi said the teen had taken his dad's loaded handgun and had apparently 'only wanted to frighten the bullies of his friend'. No shots were fired.

This may be a race-related incident, although South African news media refrain from mentioning the backgrounds of the schools involved. The gun-toting pupil was from Lotus Gardens School - historically with many Asian-South African pupils.

Kwaggasrand Sekondêre skool, although now racially-integrated, historically was an Afrikaans-language school for whites:

Lotus Gardens Schools, located in Lotus Gardens suburb of Pretoria West, historically has many English-speaking Asian-South African pupils.

Ndlazi said supt. Lazarus at the police headoffice in Pretoria, who was enroute to the school to fetch his child, had been phoned and warned about the armed pupil.

“Supt. Lazarus was enroute to the school to fetch his child. Upon his arrival he saw the youth running away and captured him."

Lazarus held the child captive and also confiscated the loaded handgun until the Pretoria West police arrived. Lazarus handed over his captive and the handgun to inspector Manie van Wyk of the Pretoria West police.

An attempted robbery charge has been lodged against the boy -- and a charge of culpibility against the father because he had not kept the gun in a safe place.

The pupils were very traumatised yesterday, Beeld newspaper reports.They were grateful that there had been no shooting.

Kwaggasrand School headmaster Dawie van Wyk said the children are receiving trauma-treatment.

He said the Kwaggasrand pupils are frequently robbed by armed young males while enroute to the school, usually of their cellphones - and even on a bus recently, he said.

The Lotus Gardens pupil was remanded in the care of his parents. It is expected that he will appear in court on Monday. It is not known whether his 'bullied friend' had been directly involved in the armed threats.,,3-

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