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One-third of 3m white Afrikaners destitute in land of their birth

South Africa's 3-million Afrikaners -- all multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethic -- are being forced back into destitution by the current ANC-regime's laws which bars "white" Afrikaners from the labour market because their skins are paler than those of the members of the ruling-party.

This article was translated and elaborated upon from the original Afrikaans by Adriana Stuijt.
Picture: impoverished Afrikaner children's feeding scheme through Solidarity Trade Union
South Africa has about 4,5-m ethnic-Europeans of whom some 3-million are Afrikaners -- people whose northern-European forebears had launched the country's commercial agricultural traditions some 350 years ago.

The Afrikaans journalist De Wet Retief wrote in Rapport newspaper about the findings of an extensive survey of the current living conditions of the country's Afrikaner community. This survey, carried out by the "Helping Hand" charity of Solidarity trade union, found that Afrikaners, within 13 years of ANC-hegemony, have now returned to the identical destitution they had been plunged into shortly after the Anglo-Boer war in 1902 right up to the Great Depression of the 1930s.
During those years, this so-named 'poor Afrikaner' problem in South Africa was even highlighted by an international Red Cross report at that time - and international aid funding was made available to try and alleviate the destitution of poor Afrikaners in those years.

Now, the housing crisis for the country's 1-million destitute, unemployable Afrikaners again takes on criticial proportions -- this time far worse than their situation during the Great Depression, warns Dr Dawie Theron of the Helping Hand Fund - which is sponsored by Solidarity Trade Union's membership.

"Drive through Danville in the Pretoria district, through the Daspoort tunnel to Booysens, Pretoria-Gardens and Daspoort," writes Rapport.

"The size of the plots are all about the same, but look over the fences and you see the Wendy Houses, the shacks, and the tents housing the Afrikaner destitute families all stuffed in behind the main houses."And these are only a few examples of how the face of poverty has changed in South Africa.

"In fact a large, new Poor Afrikaner problem - with the identical squatter towns seen just after the Anglo-Boer War and during the Great Depression, when people migrated in large numbers from the countryside to the cities, is developing once again."

"It's no longer unusual to see Afrikaners begging, and according to the youngest official statistics from 2006, there were 900,000 unemployed Afrikaners in South Africa living in total destitution, with no incomes at all.The SA regime denies food-aid to empoverished Afrikaners - claiming that they belong to the 'previously advantaged class' and thus often do not 'qualify' - even children born after 1994, after apartheid.


2,300 Afrikaner farmers murdered - only 13,000 remain to farm:

More than 2,300 of the remaining 13,000 Afrikaner commercial farmers also have already been slaughtered in the most brutal ways since 1994 in their homesteads.

  • Yet these are also the only professional farmers remaining in the country - people with consumate skill and years of experience of farming in this very arid landscape, still actually produce enough excess food to feed some 48-million South Africans.

Their food production has however more than halved since the Xhosa tribal-ruled ANC-regime took over hegemony of the country from 1994. And these farmers are producing this food on only 6% of the viable farmland in south Africa, which is a very dry country at the best of times. There also are 100,000 'emergent black farmers' who according to the 2005 tax records, have produced no excess food at all and paid no taxes -- their families consumed all they produced.

  • The ANC-regime is constantly lodging hate-speech campaigns against these Afrikaner farmers which can legally be defined as deliberate incitements to conduct violence against this small group of very capable food-producers. who are so skilled in marketing their products abroad that some have become world-famous: Rooibosch tea and the excellent Cape wines are but two examples.

An American expert on genocide - a law professor who helped write the UN Genocide Convention -- has warned that the way in which this slaughter of this tiny, very visible minority in South Africa is being carried out, is downright genocide. He points out that 'large numbers of people do not have to be murdered for such slaughter to be called a genocide'. In fact the genocide targetting the Boers is 'a silent genocide' because it remains largely unnoticed, this expert said.

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AdrianaStuijt zei

In reference to the above death-rate and causes-of-death statistics, please note that the much lower official SA governments were not used. Instead the statistics used by the various independent medical research facilities were utilised.

Tulsequa zei

Why should any one believe any inflated statistics that profit the the fear mongering advocates of AZT, DDI, & Nevirapine for treating HIV infection? - Some of whom just happen to hold patent rights on these deadly metabolic poisons and, along with Big Pharma, ultimately, profit big time.

I think it is fatuous to suggest S.A.'s civil servants are so corrupt they would fudge the country's vital statistics.

The following are the known facts concerning a World Health Organization tetanus vaccination campaign in Tanzania, Nigeria, Mexico and the Philippines. "Only women were vaccinated and only those between ages 15 and 45."

Why vaccinate just women between ages 15 and 45 ? Males of any age, women over 45 and children under age 15 are equally subject to tetanus. Men are twice as likely to come in contact with tetanus toxoid.

Answer: Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone (a birth control hormone) was found in the vaccines.

The WHO, in concert with other UN acronym agencies such as the United Nations Development Fund, the World Bank, the Population Council and the Rockefeller Foundation, was active in the development of this vaccine.

The supplier of the hCG hormone in some of the vaccine experiments was the United States National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

The BBC Horizon program entitled "The Human Laboratory", which was never aired in the United States, noted that Philippina women of child-bearing age were administered the tainted vaccine and many miscarriages ensued. Dr. Reynaldo Echavez of the Philippine Medical Association stated that the presence of the HCG in the tetanus shot would cause the women to develop HCG antibodies, which will then cause spontaneous abortion if the women become pregnant.

WHO denied the accusation and claimed to have found negligible amounts of HCG 'independent' in the vaccines. However, the BBC report said that "There are several research programmes around the world testing the contraceptive vaccine linked to tetanus, which creates an immune response." Moreover pro-life leaders in the Philippines were alerted that a similar program of surreptitiously sterilizing tetanus vaccines had been perpetrated in Mexico.

Unfortunately, an archived transcript of the BBC documentary:
is no longer available - too dangerous to reveal?

I'll trust President Mbecki for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up to self serving Big Pharma, their sycophantic public health servants in the World Health Organization and in national governments elsewhere.

Obviously, profits count more than people with big Pharma.


farmgenocide zei

There is NO crime problem in South Africa????
Google: Murder, Crime, Genocide, South Africa.

Farm Murders in South Africa
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Crime in South Africa






Mandela Singing about KILLING THE WHITES.
Nelson Mandela with his ANC friends still today sings these songs at Public meetings.
The ANC still sing “shaya ma buru” all over South Africa.
Promoting Hatred, Promoting Crime, Soliciting Murder.
Aiding and Abetting in MURDER and ALL CRIME.
An Accessory Before the Fact.



Boer Genocide

South Africa is a Criminals Paradise.
Crime is Totally Out of Control in South Africa.
We have the Highest Crime Rate in the WORLD.

SATAN has taken over South Africa

Please Pray for us all.

SATAN has taken over South Africa

You are not white - so we will let you live.