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SA's 13,200 commercial farmers raise crops on only 0.79% of SA's total land mass

Nov 21 2007 - Chronic famine is steadily creeping ever-closer to South Africa - the only country in southern Africa where commercial crops are still being produced on a professional scale.

From this FAO hunger-map it can be seen how important the SA food-production is for the rest of Africa south of the Sahara

With 4million South Africans now needing emergency food aid - including 1-million Afrikaner whites -- the spectre of chronic famine -- a constant in the rest of Africa is beginning to loom large. For the first time in its modern agricultural history, SA's grain silos have run dry two months before the start of the harvest season.

A total of 13,200 commercial farmers simply cannot produce enough food to help feed most of southern Africa - let alone for South Africa's own population of 43-million citizens plus 3-million Zimbabwean hunger-refugees....

The Mbeki regime is leaving commercial farmers with far too few land-holdings to grow food crops on: less than 1% of the country's entire surface area is now used for permanent crop-farming according to CIA satellite observations.

In spite of the burgeoning food prices and growing shortages inside SA, the Mbeki-regime is nevertheless still continuing its disastrous Mugabe-style 'land-reform', which in neighbouring Zimbabwe has caused out-and-out famine, with millions of desperately hungry people stripping the countryside of anything edible.

Yet the SA regime still continues to lie about the total land-surface still being utilised by 'white' commercial farmers, saying that '85% of the country is used for agriculture and forestry'.

This has NEVER been the case in SA's entire agricultural history. The country is so dry that in fact only 12.1% of the entire South African land-surface has ever been arable at all -- i.e. useable by crop-growing activities.

This downright ANC-lie -- designed only to sweep up the homeless black population in the country's burgeoning shanty towns against the country's few remaining white farmers -- can be easily disproven from direct satellite observation records and from SA's own 2005 tax-base.

According to the latest CIA factbook on South Africa - which obtains its agricultural-use surveys from its direct daily satellite observations -- only 14,980 square kilometres of SA's total 1,219,9122 square km of land surface were actually used as irrigated land last year.


And while the country's total arable (i.e. useable for agriculture) land was only 12.1 % according to the CIA -- only 0.79% of this land was actually seen from space as being used for growing permanent (i.e. commercial) crops last year. This means that many thousands of former commercial lands are now lying fallow.

This very poor utilisation even of available agricultural land actually supports the SA government's own 2005 tax records, which show that South Africa only had 13,200 commercial, (white) taxpaying farmers that year producing excess crops and paying payroll- and income taxes.

100,00 black-emergent farmers produced NO excess food at all in 2005:

  • The country also has some 100,000 'emergent black farmers' on the tax-records who however paid no taxes at all - neither payroll nor income taxes -- and had produced no excess crops for the market, consuming their entire production themselves with their live-in extended families, who work for them for free.

In other words, these 13,200 commercial Afrikaner farmers (their number has become even less by 2007) only had the use of 0.79% of South Africa's entire surface of 1,219,9122 square km to grow the country's entire food supply on. They also are the second-highest employer-group in the country -- employing some 650,000 of the country's 16-million employable workforce on a fulltime and parttime basis combined. The Mbeki-regime is now deliberately destroying this entire commercial-agricultural taxbase for purely racist reasons.

21,5-million SA people live below the poverty-line:
The CIA Factbook also noted that a whopping 50% of the country's 43-m people (CIA stats for 2006)-- i.e. more than 21,5-million people, including 1-million Afrikaner whites -- lived below the poverty line of $1 a day by last year and that the population's actual growth rate had dropped to 0.40% due to the AIDS epidemic. The only reason the population still was growing was the large migration pattern from the rest of Africa. The child-mortality rates and death rates among young adults due to TB+AIDS have gone through the ceiling.

South Africa received $700-million in aid in 2005
Yet in spite of its self-proclaimed 'economic growth' -- caused mainly by its massive exports of unprocessed, raw materials such as uranium, platinum, coal and gold -- South Africa for some reason also required some $700-million in economic-aid from abroad in 2005.
The CIA page was last updated on November 15 2007.It's well worth a read.

Also relating to the land-distribution issue is the dispute between South Africa and land-locked Swaziland. Its King Mswati has now lodged a claim with the International Court of Justice (in The Hague) to claim large swathes of northern-Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal provinces from South Africa.

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Samuel Adams zei

South Africa goes the way of Rhodesia with the marxist, black governments.

As much as the Afrikans farmers love their lands, they would be a lot better off heading for lands where they won't be murdered.

This article, though, does not surprise me at all. Africa has not evolved and will not evolve much. The proof is in the pudding.

As for food production, there are problems worldwide with grain. The United States is at a 60 year low with grain stocks. We are also dealing with a devalued dollar and rising inflation that has made a loaf of bread pretty expensive, along with other items thanks to the loony Bush ethanol program. Many farmers are now planting corn instead of grain and other crops.

There are several stories at timebomb2000.com about food shortages and lowered grain output. So, while the black subsistence farmer sure as hell isn't going to produce excess, there are other things going on worldwide with the grain harvest, including rice.

I just found your blog via africancrisis.org site and have enjoyed reading it. I have it bookmarked and will be back.

Best Regards,
Joseph B. James
United States of America

Censorbugbear zei

Thank you for your reaction. Please note that I now report on the latest situation in South Africa on http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com

Also sign up for our archives at http://groups.msn.com/crimebustersofsouthafrica to read the latest updated crime-reports and socio-economic problems related with this.

Adriana Stuijt


Polisieklopjagte op Afrikaners op pad!
Woensdag, 07 April 2010 10:42 Praag
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PRAAG het so pas van 'n bron binne die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiediens verneem dat klopjagte op Afrikanerleiers en sogenaamde "regses" uitgevoer gaan word. Huise gaan deursoek word vir onwettige wapens, plofstof en opruiende materiaal. Blykbaar gaan daar selfs voorwerpe geplant word by mense wat as hinderlik vir die regering beskou word.

Volgens ons bron is die polisie bewus van die ontevredenheid en pogings van Afrikanergroepe om te begin mobiliseer ná die moord op Eugene Terre'Blanche en gemoedere wat hoog loop oor geweldsmisdaad, Malema se uitsprake en dreigemente van plaasbesettings deur sowel Malema as die minister van grondsake, Gugile Nkwinti.

Die doel van die polisieklopjagte gaan tweeledig wees:

* om aan die buiteland te demonstreer dat die ANC steeds "in beheer" van die land verkeer en in staat is om enige verset in die kiem te smoor;
* om Afrikaners te intimideer om enige voorbereidings tot verset, opstand of selfverdediging te laat vaar.

Intussen is duisende Afrikaners besig om op te ruk na Ventersdorp om Eugene Terre'Blanche se begrafnis Vrydag om 12.00 by te woon.

Volgens interne e-posberigte gaan die Vryheidsfront Plus 'n amptelike afvaardiging onder leiding van dr. Pieter Mulder na die begrafnis stuur en die provinsiale bestuur van Gauteng sal ook in volle sterkte teenwoordig wees.

Censorbugbear zei

Baie dankie vir jou reaksie. Jy kan my ook direk skryf by a.j.stuijt@knid.nl en ook my ander weblog lees http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com

Convenor zei

Maak 'n skakel na my blog:


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Volg asseblief hierdie webwerf en sit dit op jou lys van webwerwe.

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