zaterdag 11 mei 2019

2019 January Attacks on Afrikaner families in towns and on farms in South Africa

 Background: The ANC-origin of the Farm Murder Epidemic: James Myburgh @Politicsweb: "From the early 1980s the white farming class, the 'Boers', are seen as legitimate targets. The militia-gangs had to murder the farmers, steal their weapons ánd fund the ANC with looted valuables. In other words, robbery is an integral part of the ANC's Farm Attack strategy - even though the ANC today refers to the Farm Attacks as 'ordinary robberies'.

Also see Projects: South Africa: Farm Attack Victims:

 January 2019 Farm Murders

  1.     Abiot Phiri (55) 04/01/2019 Plaassegat Farm, Skeerpoort, Hartebeespoort, NW 
  2.     Ugandan nationals 1 male 1 female] (30) and (33) 04/01/2019 Wildebeeslaagte, Northam (Burnt to death)
  3.     Femdale 13/01/2019 Hartbeespoort, North West Province (shot in the chest)
  4.      Awaiting details


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