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2019 Entire year - Summary of Afrikaners murdered in South Africa by blacks

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M U R D E R E D 
 From 1 January 2019 to 30 December 2019, a total of 223 Afrikaners were murdered 
in South Africa. Most were unarmed...This included 46 farmers murders during 398+ farm attacks in 2019: 

 Also:164 members of the First Nation Khoi-San tribe were murdered in 2019:
 December 2019

 Dec 2019
 Nov 2019

Chaos South Africa: 

The "White Murder Rate" in SouthAfrica soared from 
8 murders in Jan 2019 to 
20 murders in Sept 2019 
áfter black-supremacist party leader Julius Malema 
got the green light in March 2019 by the ANC-ruled 
*HRCommission *ruling
that 'Kill The Boer song was nót hatespeech'-  
*The HRC 'rulings' have no judicial power in any law courts of SA...  

  January 2019 murder rate of whites:

September 2019 murder rates of whites:


Illegal firearms in the hands of killers and police corruption are closely linked: 


 Unarmed Afrikaner family rescues frail patriarch Danie Oberholzer, 87, from their fourth-generation Carletonville farm during siege by a large mob of "very violent black men and women" who torched his tractors, looted all his belongings and ripped off all the metal from the homestead: 
Police refused to help: said it 'was too dangerous'... 

Unarmed white citizen Ross Lewis injured during stoning attack by young blacks in Nyanga - 

 "South Africa is too dangerous -
we're leaving"...
Unarmed Chinese traders-family attacked in their shop in a Zoutpansberg, Limpopo town: patriarch Xingju Zhuang, 58, shot dead, his wife and son injured by black men with machetes who stole nothing at all...   

 President Ramaphosa wants to take self-defence guns away from helpless citizens  such as the ones above...

  Illegal firearms in the hands of killers - and police corruption: 

 South Africa's economy is being willfully sabotaged by mob-attacks countrywide 


 Another 51 crosses planted on the Ysterberg overlooking Potgietersrust - one for each Boer farmer murdered by black militants in 2018/9: 


Summary of 1 January to 30 July2019 murders of Afrikaners on Farms and in Towns. 117 Afrikaners murdered.

 In June ánd July 2019 a total of thirty Afrikaners were murdered by armed black militants.  From May 31 to January 1 2019, Sixty-seven Afrikaners were murdered. 


JUNE 2019
  In 2019's first 5 months (1 Jan - May 31) the following 67 Afrikaners were murdered by armed black militants.

May 2019: eight Afrikaners murdered:

 April 2019: 14 Afrikaners murdered:

March 2019 8 Murders on Afrikaners 
on Farms and in Towns:

 February 2019 Seven farmers were murdered in 59 farm attacks:

 January 2019 Eight Afrikaners were murdered 


July 30 2019 ANC tries to disband ANC youth league - but local groups instead organise  training camp for gun-training, military tactics and guerilla tactics in August 2019: 

Radio interview with organiser: 
"The ANC youth league is changing tactics, we need to know about gun-training, military tactics and guerilla fighting'

No electronic- or electrified barriers stop the black farm attack gangs from reaching their targets: the farmer and his family: video of 9member attack gang shows:

 Casual farm worker Adam Lukas van Staden, 21, turns himself in to Nigel police for the murder of farmer Johan Pretorius on 20 June 2019

Murdered in July 2019 thus far:


 Twelve dead 1 - 27 July 2019: 
July 1 2019 Afrikaner airline pilot Mark Nel, 56, dead in hospital from execution-style shooting, Melkbosstrand.
July 2 2019 Afrikaner woman Ria Oosthuizen 80s, Velddrift: torched books stacked atop her.
July 2 2019 Afrikaner man Mario Kemp dies in hospital: shot in face in business-attack Boksburg
July 2 2019 Farm woman found dead: tied up inside torched Bloemspruit home: Afriforum
July 9 2019 Afrikaner Anna Herbst 61, murdered in torched home in Bloemfontein
July 12 2019 Afrikaner Nico Heerschap, 74 executed: Melkbosstrand: (father of Hawks investigator shot dead in son's car);
July 12 2019 Afrikaner farm-couple Ina and Sakkie van den Berg tortured to death, their mutilated, tied up bodies found by police. Hands chopped off while he was still alive. Boshof/Dealesville, Free State
July 14 2019 Afrikaner farmer Nic Oosthuizen 87, dies of stress-related heart failure, collapsing next to his bakkie while a large black gang destroys his homestead.
July 15 2019 Ex-footballer Mark Batchelor shot dead execution-style by two black males on a motorbike: Olivedale, Randburg. 
July 19 2019  Hennie de Beer – kidnapped and slashed to death with a machete
July 20 2019 Oudtshoorn police opens cold-case murder-investigation into 1977 death of  Afrikaner farm-child  Lizette Smit, 12: her bones were identified at farm Muldersbank.
July 27 2019 Ukrainian agricultural expert Ivan Ivanovich murdered while hiking in Hout Bay Cape Town nature reserve.

Food distribution threatened in South Africa: Shoprite supermarkets creates a private protection army for its 125,000 employees: staff targeted in almost 500 armed robberies in 2018 --  and drivers of their food-trucks put at great risk from the numerous molotov-cocktail bombings of their trucks by organized 'black community land-grabbers" who are deliberately killing and injuring the drivers transporting food countrywide... 

L A N D G R A B S  

24 July 2019 Land grabs of food-producing smallholdings in Stilfontein North West province continue 24 July 2019. Starting on 23 March 2019, very violent organised black gangs cut a swathe of violence while replacing white and coloured taxpaying vegetable-producers with slum-housing for unproductive black foreign migrants, mostly from Zimbabwe 

1. Lenasia south Johannesburg - Asian and coloured taxpaying land-owners protest at meeting over black-racist #LandGrabs

2. Suidlanders: The Anatomy of a #LandGrab south of Johannesburg: Land Grab

June 2019 - Afrikaners murdered by black militants
 -- update 10 July 2019

May 2019 Afrikaners murdered by black militants

April 2019 Afrikaners murdered by black militants

March 2019 Afrikaners murdered by black militants 

February 2019 Afrikaners murdered by black militants

January 2019 Afrikaners murdered by black militants

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Unknown zei

Te erg voor woorden.....

AdrianaStuijt zei

inderdaad. En het wordt elke dag erger. En het wordt al hoe gewelddadiger: de kleine minderheid blanken kan zich niet verdedigen tegen de vele duizenden zwarten die hun privé eigendommen - woonhuizen, zakenpercelen en boerderijtjes - overnemen en hun eigen blikken huisjes erop zetten, dat er binnenkort helemaal geen plaats meer zijn waar blanken nog veilig kunnen

Unknown zei

So only Afrikaners get attacked ? English speakers or dont English South Africans find themselves victims as well ?

AdrianaStuijt zei

Good question. As you can see from the names of murdered people, there are people with English-sounding surnames. It is my personal belief that every 'white' person who gets murdered in this way in South Africa, is an Afrikaner. They are all in the same boat. They are murdered because of who they are - people who identify with South Africa as a people with an ethnic-European background. English-speakers entail many nationalities - Greek, German, French, English, Scots, Kelts of all kinds. When they arrive in South Africa and have lived here for a while, they will discover that they are all being cursed as 'Afrikaners, as 'Boers' by the black leaders and their black followers. So in my viewpoint, which is a very personal one based on years of reporting on South Africa's socio-econimic/medical problems - we are all Afrikaners. If I had been murdered there - and I nearly was, twice, and had to defend myself, I would have wanted my family to put on my gravestone that I was an Afrikaner woman, who died in South Africa because of her ethnic origin.

Unknown zei

Yes our ancestors were from a veriety of nations,al farmers of sortes and the term boer gave birth to a united language called afrikaans,making us afrikaners. We are french,german,dutch,portuguese,english,flemish and many more but the trade was farming,hence boer in afrikaans.

Unknown zei

Adriana Stuijt, you are an one-eyed journalist seeking sensation and just want to sweep up and stir emotions. Good job. Yes, all these murders are very sad.But what about all the murders of the other races? The rate is much higher. You are the journalist, you do the investigation. Or are these non-whites too inferior for you to investigate?All these murders of all God's people are sad. We must pray that this muat stop.

Colette zei

Sir or Madam, Seriously? Who are you to dictate what the subject matter should be? Do you not realise that the attacks on whites by blacks is NOT random and is an orchestrated plan of genocide with overwhelming evidence to support this fact? This is the reason the writer is focussing on the problem to bring awareness to the ignorant and brain washed. Your comment demonstrates your total lack of empathy for people and CHILDREN being TORTURED to DEATH in South Africa. Shame on you, and if you live here then double shame on you. Over 80% of our population are blacks and they have the majority vote and thus the control of the country, YET they have racist employment laws against the whites and the population at large are lawless, wilfully breaking down our infrastructure daily and much more, so please get with the picture and educate yourself properly. If you want to read about the poor blacks I am sure there are many other resources so if that is what you are looking for I don't see the point of you commenting here. You talk about God's people, are God's people the lawless ones who are killing, maiming, stealing, breaking, destroying? Yes, please pray with us and also ask our heavenly Father to give you some revealation, wisdom and discernment about the matter. Your insensitivity rubs salt in the wounds of tens of thousands whose lives have been destroyed by black racists. I wonder how you will feel when one morning you wake up to hear the news about a blood bath worse than Rwanda, knowing you could have helped but took the side of the heathen. Of course if you live here, how unlucky for your family to be receiving your bad advice.