zaterdag 1 februari 2020

February 2020 Attacks, Murders on Boer Afrikaners South Africa

Reports of the rapid deterioration of South Africa from Africa's most vibrant first-world country to the very worst: by ex-medical journalist Adriana Stuijt

  For previous years' reports since 1987 

There was an 85% increase of Farm Attacks on Transvaal Agricultural Union members since 1990

there are only 15,000 commercial Boer farmers left in SA


South Africa has two different categories for unnatural, violent deaths: murder and culpible homicide. 
Together, these total 94 people killed a day - 

An annual 808,091 'unnatural violent deaths"

 24 February 2020
 Ottosdal NW farmer Pieter Raath (92) beaten by two blacks with knobkieries. They were quickly rounded up by three farm watch groups.
 25 February 2020 Mrs Maritza van der Linde (43) was stabbed to death in a pharmacy in Joubertina EC, her mother was also stabbed and injured. Police are still investigating the motive. The knifeman was arrested.

24 Feb 2020: Unidentified elderly Boer mauled on his farm in Gysdorp, near DelaRey, North West: police didn't investigate as they had promised: 
video (copy/paste link into your browser): 

Unidentified elderly man badly mauled in attack at Klipheuwel: awaiting more details:

Ms Mimie Jacobs, the president of the Free State chamber of commerce, had a knife stabbed into her skull by three black male attackers - and is lucky to be alive. 

Hatecrime: Kraaifontein mom locked up for days illegally by cops who threaten to 'chase all the whites from South Africa'. 

 Young Afrikaner Eben Marx beaten up along N2 highway in Brakpan just for a little cash. 

 Empoverished Afrikaners - who are banned from the job market because of their skin colour - forced to sleep on the floor of a State hospital in the West Cape if they want to get treatment: 
 White elderly patient physically abused at Sabie Hospital:
 South Africa is heading towards 'failed sovereign State' status

In a crime against humanity, ANC workers in Margate sabotaged hundreds of thousands of people's water supply pipelines and valves. 

  barrage of anti-white hatespeech by black leadership backed by the mainstreammedia to shift the blame and divert attention to their own inability to run a country capably:
 Was the National Party's 'official transfer of power to the ANC - one Moscow-linked terrorist organisation in 1991 - even legal?
 Murdered ex-Koevoet police officer Chris Barnard (54) was lured into a honeytrap and murdered: 

 Dutch-Belgian tourist couple escape death during armed robbery by two black gunmen INSIDE their Addo Elephant Park hotel. Flemish-language report:

Prominent Afrikaner businessman Piet Els (87) in Kimberley was brutally murdered in torture ordeal on 23 Jan 2018. Four arrested murder suspects were released on bail on 18 Feb 2020 and the case postponed to July 2020. 

 Culpible homicide: Christopher Foxcroft (32) and two Tembisa female pupils were killed when a high-speed taxi plowed into Mr Foxcroft on his motorbike and killed him in Olifantsfontein. 

 Six black males in Vredefort Free State court for thwarted farm-attack
Three black people torched to death in mob hatecrime in Laver Hill West Cape 
Thugs are torching the historic orchards in Drakenstein, West Cape 
 United Nations International Conference on Nuclear Security adopts declaration to enhance Global Nuclear Security. 

 Important witness Jocelyn Claasen executed 2 Feb 2020 before she could testify this month at murder trial of two men charged with killing surfer David Wolfromm near Kommetjie on 18 May 2019: she was nine months pregnant.

A friend sent me a copy from my blocked @Facebook page about a new killer-virus in #SouthAfrica in 2008.  
FB blocked my access. They are committing #Ïntellectual_Property_Theft - I can't access my articles to update them with new information.

Unnatural deaths of Afrikaners in January 2020:  
 In January 2020 alone, we recorded 31 Afrikaners and Boers' unnatural deaths (homicides & murders): 
Double the total murder rate for December 2019... 
In 2019, a total 233 murders and homicides of Afrikaners and Boers were recorded. Many néver reported in the main-stream media...

January 2020: 

December 2019: 

African continent, with more than one million Chinese citizens, is not ready to cope with a worldwide outbreak of Corona Virus. Story from Kitwe, Zambia, where a Chinese hospital was set up for Chinese citizens working in the copper-belt mining town. Some Chinese companies have close ties to Wuhan - and Ethiopian Airlines still flies to Zambia from China...

Two Mozambicans convicted of double murders of Engelbrecht couple on 13 May 2018 at Poortjie, West Rand

 Stabbed farm worker attacked by farm attacks rescued by Redelinghuys farm watch 8 Feb 2020

 To Afrikaner men - George Spalding and Abel Pienaar, seriously injured by attackers at their Rustenburg homes: 

 Lynette Volkschenk of Bellville's murderer Kyle Ruiters on trial: he had dismembered her and placed her body parts on four corners of a flat.

Kidnappers of Afrikaner Trevor Erasmus (73) believe the family is wealthy and demand ransom of R10million. However the family is poor and can't pay for his rescue

Arrest warrant issued for Tshepo Justice Rasodi, the accused killer of  Pieter Hendrik Peterson on 6 Feb 2017 in Ellisras - After he got out on R1000 bail, he failed to show up for his trial on 29 Jan 2020.

 Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Blok tells South Africa: "We heard suggestions of possible expropriation without compensation. We support SA in this process. Careful relfection is needed on a quesiton of this kind.'  
 Questions asked in Dutch parliament from coalition partner MP Martijn van Helvert 10 Feb 2020: 'were concerned raised with South Africa about the growing financial insecurity for Dutch investors? 

30 Years since Frederick W de Klerk's Great Betrayal


 Pretoria metro-police increasingly target white people with allegal arrests and racist abuse: Law professor André Thomashausen suffers illegal arrest and racial abuse  - similar to last month's fake arrest of Afrikaner girl Kymie du Toit on 19 Dec 2019...

 Kymie du Toit racially abused by Pretoria metro-cops in fake arrest

 Afrikaner pensioner Trevor Erasmus kidnapped on 31 January 2020 in Alberton - R200,000 reward for returning him safely.
 Accused farm-murderer Tsheo Justice Rasodi of Ellisras fails to show up for trial on 29 Jan 2020 after released with only R1000 bail. Suspected of murdering Afrikaner farmer Pieter Hendrick eterson on 6 February 2017...

Steve Gouws dies of 'virus infection' in Louis Leipoldt medi-clinic, Bellville, Tygerberg. Friends and relatives doubt accuracy of testing: believe he died of Corona Virus

 Barberton rioters, angered at water-shortages destroy their infrastructure in riots
 Two Mozambican killers found guilty of murder/torture of Afrikaner farm couple Engelbrecht
 Two Afrikaner men  George Spalding and Abel Pienaar were shot and seriously injured within 48 hours in their Rustenburg homes by thugs. Spalding was all set to emigrate to Canada...

Ex-Koevoet police officer Chris Barnard (54) found murdered: Sinoville police suspect 'honey-trap' - three Afrikaner suspects arrested

In Kimberley there's a silent invasion war going on between the illegal mineworkers-army the Zama Zamas from Lesotho - and local residents. The mineworkers want to wrest control of all the diamond mines from local citizens.

 Millions looted in so-named 'Land Reform' scam
 Nelson Mandela's lies: he promised that there would be no danger of dispossessing people of their private property in South Africa.

 South Africans' misery level is at an all time high: never have so many people felt so unsafe and miserable.

 The State Pension-fund just purchased two Palmietfontein North West farms at grossly inflated prices and ANC-members are terrified that their pension funds will be looted even more, with China having closed a deal to fund Eskom

 The daily murder and culpible homicide rates together are 94 unnatural violent deaths PER DAY. 

"Mob-rule" by ANC, Vrede, Free State: Security Co owner Faan Abrie punished by ANC for death of *Taima Tshabalala *Of a septic wound: ANC youths ordered to torch Abrie's house, loot all belongings: leaving family homeless and impoverished: worker at Spar supermarket said he stole meat so that he could have his septic wound treated. He was taken to the very badly managed QwaQwa nospital: a post-mortem determined that he died of his badly infected wound two days later. The ANC blamed this death on the local Boer community...
(see hospital conditions below)

QwaQwa Hospital in Free State forces patients to fetch their own water - the area has had water-delivering problems since 2015 because of bad management:

Impoverished carpenter Charlie van Heerden Murdered In Pinetown KZN

South Africa's sohisticated infrastructure is methodically torched looted and destroyed by angry black communities.

Are 'moderate' Dutch politicians serious about their motion against 'racially based land expropriations in South Africa? 

 USA nót withdrawing its Africom military forces until Defence Secretary Mark Esper has completed their global troop review: